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Note - We are often being asked where to get the materials required and we can give you details of those on request.

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See the Stitch & Tape boat building method building a canoe here.

All our Canoe designs are listed below. Click on design name for more details.
Peasemarsh, Newmarsh, Dengemarsh, Ryemarsh, Burmarsh, New Bay canoes & the Serena motor canoe plus the Fairlight canoe/dinghy 

The Peasemarsh Open Canoe Range

All the sizes have the same lines just different lengths and widths along with the ability to carry more the larger they get. Their performance has proved to be better than I expected, they track well even in a breeze with choppier conditions and are quite stable. All were designed to be paddled while kneeling but, as is far more popular these days, seats are an option and the plans do detail them. There are bulkheads fore and aft which, along with the decks, form a watertight compartment or buoyancy tanks. These can be fitted with small hatches for storage of valuables etc and to air the compartments when not in use. Alternatively, drain plugs or a simple hole drilled through the base with a cork or rubber bung to stop the water getting in could be used. In any case, some form of drainage should be fitted to them. Sail rigs have been fitted to all the Peasemarsh canoes, even the Peasemarsh 8 but this is not detailed in the plans

Our plans come with a materials list and all the drawings showing how to get the plank shapes onto the plywood or full size paper patterns with full assembly instructions for the build. Plus, email/text/phone help and advice if you need it.

Peasemarsh 8 Open Canoe

This little canoe is a great little canoe which will take an adult sitting on the bottom. When I designed this, it was as a simple build for a charity project but it has proved to be more capable than just that. It performs surprisingly well on the water and will move along at a decent speed. My teenage daughter can make it move quickly down the canal and has yet to capsize despite the way she pushes it. At a little under 8'  at 7' - 7" (2.31m) long and 2' - 2" wide at it's widest point, it is built from just a single sheet of 4mm plywood and some 6mm for the optional bulkheads, which produces very light but capable little boat that will take up to about 11.5 stone (73kg). 

We have had loads of fun with this litlle canoe.

20171024_165524_019 (5).jpg
20171024_160742 (2).jpg

Peasemarsh 10 Open Canoe

Loa 10’ – 0” (3.05m)  Beam 2’ – 7” (0.79m)  Dry Weight (apprx.) 40lbs (18kgs)  Max. Load (apprx.) 350lbs (159kgs)  Height at Bow/Stern 18"/18" (0.46m/0.46m)   Height amidships 11.5" (0.29m)   Crew 1 plus maybe a small 1.

Designed for a solo adult or two youngsters with good stability for its size.
Basic Materials
2 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m,
3kg Epoxy pack,
1.5ltr Fillet Additive,
20m x 100mm wide F/G Tape,
50 x 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties
2 x 12mm x 21mm x 2.4m Ash, Stripwood or DIY.

29 After preparation the inside can be u

Peasemarsh 12 Open Canoe

Loa 12’ – 6” (3.81m)   Beam 2’ – 9” (0.84m)    Weight (apprx.)   45lbs (20kgs)    Max. Load (apprx.) 400lbs (181kgs)    Height at Bow/Stern  19"/19" (0.48m/0.48m)    Height amidships   12" (0.30m)    Crew    1 plus 1
Basic Materials
3 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m,
3kg Epoxy pack,
 1.5ltr Fillet Additive,
 30m x 100mm wide F/G Tape,
100 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties.

Peasemarsh12 W1 (800x381).jpg

Peasemarsh 14 Open Canoe

Loa 14’ – 6” (4.4m)   Beam 2’ – 10” (0.86m)   Weight (apprx.) 50lbs (22.5kgs)    Max. Load (apprx.) 580lbs (263kgs)    Height at Bow/Stern 21"/21" (0.53m/0.53m)    Height amidships 13" (0.33m)    Crew 2/3

Basic Materials
3 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m,
 4.5kg Epoxy pack,
 2ltr Fillet Additive,
 35m x 100mm wide F/G Tape,
 100 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties.

8 (715x244).jpg
PM16 Adrian Little.jpg

Peasemarsh 16 Open Canoe

Loa 15’ – 6” (4.72m)   Beam 3’ – 0” (0.914m)    Weight (apprx.) 60lbs (27kgs)    Max. Load (apprx.) 650lbs (295kgs)    Height at Bow/Stern 22"/22" (0.56m/0.56m)    Height amidships 13" (0.33m)    Crew 3+
Basic Materials
4 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m,  5kg Epoxy pack,  

2.5ltr Fillet Additive, 45m x 100mm wide F/G Tape,  

100 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties.

IMAG0822 (250x97).jpg

Piicture courtesy of the builder - Adrian Little

(Sail rig details not included in plans)

Newmarsh 12 Open Canoe

Length  3.81m  (12' - 6"), Beam    .864m  (2' - 10"), Height Fore & Aft  .559m (22"), Height amidships  .330m  (13.5"), Dry Weight of around  21kg (45lbs). Maximum Load  182kgs  (400lbs), Crew  2

Designed for a day trip or just some fun on the water and to be paddled while kneeling or possibly sitting on the bottom, as I do, but can be fitted with simple plywood seats.
Easily moved about on dry land by an adult with one hand using the centre bar. Just as easily carried by two people to the water
Once on the water you will find this canoe performs well and is relatively stable. It is ideal for a solo paddle but will do just as well with two adults.
This canoe was designed to be built using the Stitch & Tape method but it can be built using a version of Clinker Plywood. The plans currently only detail the Stitch & Tape build but the other option will be added soon.
It can be built in either 4mm or 6mm plywood and when finished, is a very good looking craft - in my opinion.

Basic Materials Required
3 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m, 6kg Epoxy pack, 3ltr Fillet Additive,
50m x 100mm wide F/G Tape, 150 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties.


Dengemarsh 10 Open Canoe

Length 10' - 0" (3.048m)    Beam 3' - 0" (0.915m)    Depth (midships) 1' - 0" (0.305m)    Height fwd/aft 1' - 7" (0.483m)
Dry Weight (approx.) 38bs (17kgs)    Crew 1 Adult or 2 Children
An open “Canadian” style canoe along the lines of the Peasemarsh design but with an additional plank each side.
There is optional buoyancy fore and aft enclosed with a flush fitting deck.
It goes together easily and quite quickly and once completed, looks good and gives good performance on the water.
Designed to be paddled with 1 adult  or 2 children while kneeling but a seat(s) could be fitted.
Basic Materials Required
2 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m, 3kg Epoxy pack, 2ltr Fillet Additive,  25m x 100mm wide F/G Tape, 50-100 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties.

PM10-1 (800x259).jpg