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Serena Motor Canoe

Length 12' - 6" (3.8m), Beam 3' - 9" (1.14m), Depth (midships) 1' - 2" (.35m), Height fwd 1' - 10" (0.56m), Weight (approx.) 50lbs (23kgs),  Crew 2/3 Adult
Based on our Rye Bay designs the Serena Motor Canoe was designed for a customer in1990 but we have never added it to our DIY plans portfolio, till now.
It is available as A3 and Full Size Plans packages that will detail how to build it to row, paddle or motor with a small lightweight 2hp outboard or 30lb thrust electric outboard.. Plus, coming soon, details for building it in two halves to allow it to be built in smaller workshops or for easier storage and  transportation.
As much at home being rowed as motored the original builder used it as a fishing platform on a local lake.
The plans include both the paddling and basic motor versions.

Basic Materials Required:


Marine grade plywood - 4 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m (Hull, Bulkheads & Decks).
Timber (Ash) - 45 x 12mm x 25mm x 2.4m (Rubbing Strips).
Timber (Stripwood) - 2 x 15 x 25mm x 2.4m, 1 x 10mm x 10mm x 1.2m (Deck Supports). 1 x 9mm x 9mm x 2.4m (Flexible Batten).
Cable Ties - 100.
Epoxy Pack - 6 litre medium viscosity general purpose marine resin and hardener.

Serena Motor Canoe options from

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£27.00Sale Price
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