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DIY Plans Packages

Paul designed some fantastic little boats and his designs are listed by the way they are built.
More details of each design can be found on the build type pages - links below.

There is a download plans option available for most designs from the Download Page









Stitch & Tape Dinghy Designs                                                      Clinker Plywood Dinghy Designs









Canoe Designs


NEW - The STANLEY SmallCraft Stitch & Tape Boat Building Manual - Coming Soon

It takes you through the method plus gives you information on plywood, wood, epoxy and setting up a build space.

Can be used for any design, canoe or dinghy, that uses this build method.

Also includes the plans for our Rye Bay 6 dinghy.

Our designs use two build methods to produce your boat.

You will find a brief description of both types of build here.

Most of our canoe designs are Stitch & Tape.


Building your own boat is not as difficult as you might think. With our plans there are no special tools required or difficult joints to cut. We use a simple method to get the component parts dimensions laid out on the plywood sheet(s) and, if you get stuck, we will help you through it with our free email/text/phone help if you need it.

Please Note. The specifications for each design is the as designed detail. The basic materials list, usage, dry weight, engine size, crew number or maximum load weight are given for general guidance only and will vary with individual builds depending on the type and grade of materials used in the build and quantity etc.

Please contact us for any further information and clarification.

A description of this method can be found here

A description of this method can be found here

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