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Clinker Plywood Dinghy Designs

Note - We are often being asked where to get the materials required and we can give you details of those on request.

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All our Clinker Plywood designs are listed below

Building your own boat is not as difficult as you might think. With our plans there are no special tools required or difficult joints to cut. We use a simple method to get the component parts dimensions laid out on the plywood sheet(s) and, if you get stuck, we will help you through it with our free email/text/phone help if you need it.

Please Note. The specifications for each design is the as designed detail. The basic materials list, usage, dry weight, engine size, crew number or maximum load weight are given for general guidance only and will vary with individual builds depending on the type and grade of materials used in the build and quantity etc.

Please contact us for any further information and clarification.

Winchelsea 2.2

Loa 2.26m (7’ – 6”)
Beam 1.19m (3’ – 11”)
Draft 0.127m (0’ – 5”)
Dry Weight 22.5kgs (50lbs)

Maximum Load: 500lb (227kg)

Crew: 2 Adults

The Winchelsea 2.2 is available as a kit and as DIY plans. It is a little smaller than the Winchelsea 8 and the planks can be cut from a standard sheet of 2.44m x 1.22m plywood - no scarfing required. It is different from its larger sister as it does not have a long keel which is replaced by a flat keel plank onto which a length of timber and a skeg are fitted. The open edge of the stem is capped with thin strips of wood that are carefully bent round to join at the keel. The flat keel plank makes for an easier build but it is still built in the same way - over a mould. However, it could be built using stitch & tape if you don’t mind the stitch holes. If you’re painting your hull inside and out, this is not a problem but, if you want to varnish your hull then I wouldn’t use it.

Available as digital or A3 Workshop plans or plans with Full Size patterns (8 x A0 sheets of plank, bottom, stem, transom and frame templates).

asic Materials Required
Plywood – 2 sheets of 6mm exterior or marine grade for the hull, 1 sheet of 9mm or 12mm ply for the mould, transom and the seats, for the knees and breast hook. Solid timber lengths for the sheer trim 2.4m or longer. (The mould can be made from 12mm chipboard or MDF as a possibly cheaper option). 4.5kg Epoxy pack

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Winchelsea 8

Loa 2.44m (8’ – 0”)
Beam 1.168m (3’ – 10”)
Draft 0.152m (0’ – 6”)
Dry Weight 30kgs (65lbs) Rowing Version

Maximum Load: 500lb (227kg)