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Length 15' - 7" (4.75m)
 Beam 3' - 5" (1.047m)
 Depth (midships) 1' - 1" (0.33m)
 Height fwd/aft 1' - 8" (0.51m)
 Weight (approx.) 33lbs (15kgs) 4mm Ply - 55lbs (25kgs) 6mm ply
 Crew 2/3 Adult
Based on our Burmarsh and Peasemarsh designs the New Bay Open Canoe has been interesting to design and a joy to test.
It will be available as a single plans package that will detail how to build it as a paddling canoe and adding the sail rig. Plus, details for building it in two halves to allow it to be built in smaller workshops and for easier transportation.
As much at home being paddled as sailing we have found this to be a fun, capable canoe for one or two people to enjoy.
It can be built to paddle first and the rig added later or can be built as the full sailing canoe and, as the rig is de-mountable, you can use it as the mood takes you on the day.
The plans include both the paddling and basic sailing versions.

New Bay 15 Open Canoe Plans from

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