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This little canoe is more of a play thing but can be and is used (under supervision) by kids or a small adult.My own teenagers have built and used this canoe though now they will be building bigger ones. It is also being regularly built by a charity who have a mini regatta every year. It is a little under 8'  at 7' - 7" (2.31m) long and 2' - 2" wide at it's widest point. Built in 1 sheet of 4mm plywood and some 6mm for the bulkheads, it is also very light. It has been built as a garden ornament/planter and a toy box.


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Plans Packages –

Digital Download Plans - 

A3 Printed Workshop Plans - 

Full Size Patterns Plans -


Kit Options

Full Plywood Epoxy Kit - 

Contains all the plywood parts, planks, bottom plank, bulkheads, decks, cable ties and all the epoxy materials ready for assembly with the full instructions manual for the build.



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