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Loa 10’ – 10” (3.332m)
Beam 2’ – 6” (0.8109m)
Weight (apprx.) 40lbs (18kgs)
Max. Load (apprx.) 350lbs (159kgs)
Height at Bow/Stern 17"/17" (0.432m/0.432m)
 Height amidships 12 1/4" (0.311m)
 Crew 1 adult or two children

Designed for me to go canoeing with my eldest two in their Peasemarsh 10's. Although I could have used my old Peasemarsh 16 that would normally carry me, my wife and the two youngest, I wanted something different just for me so, I designed the New Bay 11 having liked the performance of the 15 previously during trials. The 11 did not disappoint. It was easy to build and performed as I wanted.


Available Options


Plans Packages –

Digital Download Plans - From the download option page

A3 Printed Workshop Plans -  A3 drawings with full instruction manual

Full Size Paper Patterns Plans -  Full size paper patterns of the main hull components with full instruction manual


New Bay 11 Open Canoe - Options from

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