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The Fairlight 406 is a very versatile boat that can be paddled, rowed, motored and sailed. It was designed from a canoe but given a transom and a stern overhang after much discussion about what it should be. However, eventually, as no decision was made, it became the multi-purpose boat it is now.

LOA: 4.06m (13’ - 4”)
Beam: 1.05m (3’ - 6”)
Dry Weight: 45kg (89lbs) approx.
Height Forward: .575m (1’ - 10.7”)
Height Aft: .480m (1’ - 7”)
Height Amidships: .415m (1’ - 4.3”)
Crew: 3/4 adults

This great little boat was designed for a family holiday where two wanted to be able to paddle, one wanted to row, my wife wanted to use our electric motor and my daughter and I wanted to sail. We had to find a way of making it do all four! In addition to this it had to be transported on the roof rack of our Kia Rio so, dry weight had to be kept to under 50kg. At just under that, the Fairlight 406 was the result.

Performance wise, while one adult can paddle this boat, it is far easier and moves better with two - one forward, one aft. Rowing her was easy and she moved along nicely without too much effort. We only had an old 12v electric outboard with 36lbs thrust to test her with but this proved to be ample. It was a pleasant glide down the canal and she was responsive when it came to turning and manoeuvring. The first time we came to set up the rig, although lee boards are often used, we had fitted a dagger board and off we went. She performed well with a small sail and the dagger board case didn't get in the way. The tiller configuration can take some getting used to but it works well. All in all, a great all round boat.

Basic Materials Required:

3 Sheets of 4mm Plywood

1 Sheet of 6mm Plywood

6 kg/ltr Epoxy Pack plus Fillet (glue) Additive

Fibreglass Tape


Build your own Fairlight Canoe from our A3 WORKSHOP PLANS

Printed package containing A3 workshop plans detailing all components of the boat and full instructions  -  




Full Size Patterns are now available for this design. It is a large pack containing 10 x A0 sheets of plank and frame templates plus 10 x  A3 drawings and step by step build instructions booklets. 


Prices include UK delivery


The Fairlight 406 - Paddle, Row, Motor or Sail plans packs from

SKU: FL406A3
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