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Dengemarsh 14 Open Canoe - NEW

Length 14' - 6" (4.42m),  Beam 3' - 0" (0.91m), Depth (midships) 1' - 2" (0.36m),  Height fwd/aft 1' - 9.5" (0.55m),  Weight (approx.) 52lbs (23.57kgs),  Crew 3 Adults, Maximum Load 600lbs (272kgs)
Built-in buoyancy fore and aft that can be fitted with small hatches for storage of valuables etc.
 Built in 6mm plywood throughout and requires between 30 and 40 hours to complete.
 This canoe is good for a solo paddle but will also take 3 adults and some gear for day trip or weekend camp etc. or perhaps a day on the water with the kids.
 It goes together easily and quite quickly. Once completed, it looks good and performs well on the water too.
 Designed to be paddled while kneeling but seats could be fitted.
 The build is based on 4 sheets of 6mm Plywood (Good exterior grade or better), two 4.5m lengths of 20mm x 20mm square timber, 1 x 20mm x 40mm x 1m timber (all soft or hardwood), 6kg/ltr Epoxy Pack plus additive and Fibreglass Tape.

Dengemarsh 14 Open Canoe DIY Plans from

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