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Length  3.81m  (12' - 6")
Beam    864mm  (2' - 10")
Height Fore & Aft  458mm (18")
Height amidships  330mm  (13")
Dry Weight of around  21kg (45lbs).
Maximum Load  182kgs  (400lbs)
Crew  2

Designed for a day trip or just some fun on the water and to be paddled while kneeling or possibly sitting on the bottom but can be fitted with simple plywood seats.
Easily moved about on dry land by an adult with one hand using the centre bar. Just as easily carried by two people to the water
Once on the water you will find this canoe performs well and is relatively stable. It is ideal for a solo paddle but will do just as well with two adults.
This canoe was designed to be built using the Stitch & Tape method but it can be built using a version of Clinker Plywood. The plans currently only detail the Stitch & Tape build but the other option will be added soon.
It can be built in either 4mm or 6mm plywood and when finished, is a very good looking craft - in my opinion.

Basic Materials Required
3 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m, 6kg Epoxy pack, 3ltr Fillet Additive,
50m x 100mm wide F/G Tape, 150 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties.


Available Options


Plans Packages –

Digital Download Plans - From the download option page

A3 Printed Workshop Plans - A3 drawings with full instruction manual

Full Size Paper Patterns Plans - Full size paper patterns of the main hull components with full instruction manual

Newmarsh 12 Open Canoe -Options from

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