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Paul's Boatshed

Other Items
We make several items from the wood and plywood left over from cutting our kits and other items.
These items are listed here as and when we have them available and the current stock is listed below.

Snack Trays
Snack/Treat Trays

Made from Oak and finished with a food safe oil. Three different designs and sizes.

Apple is  180mm x   190mm x   20mm  - £20.00
Acorn is   270mm x   200mm x   20mm  - £25.00
Standard tray is   260mm x   200mm x   20mm  - £25.00






The above are also available as lazy susans made to various sizes and other designs.
Prices from £24.00

See Options & Buy for details

Images for reference only

Sizes may differ slightly by up to +/- 10mm

Any sweets pictured are from a assortment pack to give an idea of size.

Plant Stands
Plant Stands

Our Bird Plant Stands are decorative addition for your plant pot to stand on.

There are four sizes

a Mini standing around 250mm high overall with a base around 150mm wide

Small around 350mm high and 165mm base

Medium around 525mm high and 225 base and

Large which stands aound 600mm high with a base around 250mm wide.

They have a natural wood stick for the bird to perch on. you can choose this when you order.

Each bird hase a white wood body and and a darker shade wood/plywood wings, tail beak and legs with a wood/plywood. It is all varnished with water a based gloss varnish.

The price includes postage and you will receive your item in two pieces with the base not fitted but a small tube of super glue is included for you to glue it to the base in the  position you like.

Several more bird and animall designs coming soon (November 2022)..


Images for size and general reference only. Your  

As these are hand crafted, sizes may differ slightly by up to +/- 10mm


We are finalising the designs and will make them all able to be personalised.

They will be all wood with no metal fittings.

More items  coming

All prices include UK delivery.

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