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Loa 2.44m (8’ – 0”)
Beam 1.168m (3’ – 10”)
Draft 0.152m (0’ – 6”)
Dry Weight 30kgs (65lbs) Rowing Version

The "WINCHELSEA" rowing/sailing dinghy. 8' - 0" x 3' - 10" and a dry weight of around 80lbs (36kgs). These are the original plans for this boat as I originally designed it - a multi chine clinker style dinghy that has a variety of uses. It can be rowed, sailed or motored and is a sturdy little vessel. The plans are now include the sailing version. The size of this boat means you can't get the length of the planks from a single sheet of plywood so you have to "scarf" a small piece to 4 of the 6 planks. Full details in the plans. 

Basic Materials Required
2 sheets of 6mm exterior or marine grade for the hull, 1 sheet of 12mm ply for the moulds and keel/centre frame, plus half a sheet of 9mm or 12mm for the seats, knees and breast hook, or solid timber to fit,
The moulds can be made from 12mm chipboard or MDF
as a possibly cheaper option. Then the keel can be made up from a smaller sheet of 12mm ply although still 2.4m in length.
4.5kg Epoxy pack



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