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Length - 7' - 8" (2.34m)

Width - 4' - 0" (1.22m)
Dry weight of 50lbs (23kg).
Crew - 2/3 Adults
The WATCH BELL 2.3 Pram Dinghy is a great little boat that was very popular as our production boat about 10 years ago. 


Although this kit is for the rowing or motor versions, she can also be converted to sail and has plenty of room inside for a boat of this size, ideal for learning to sail.


The design of these boats allows us to build you a boat with more room and and better stablility for it's size than a stem dinghy.

And it can be carried on the roof rack of the average family car!

The hull is built using the "Clinker Ply" method of construction which gives a more traditional looking boat. It has a slight "V" bottom which helps deal with choppier water directional stability when rowing.

The kit is supplied in a quality marine plywood with a 6mm planked hull with 12mm transoms and 6mm framed centre bulkhead and the wood for the seats and trim and and a 6m mooring rope.


From this base, you can later add bulkheads to form buoyancy tanks fore and aft which can have small hatches fitted to allow for airing the tanks plus giving you somewhere safe and dry to stow things like car keys while on the water.  Additional inflatable buoyancy can be added under the centre thwart for the sailing version.

The boat can be built as our standard rowing dinghy or you can add an electric motor or 1hp petrol outboard, or add the sailing rig.

You can build it so it's will do all three! 


 Kit contents


Full Plywood Epoxy Kit -Contains 3 packs, everything you need to build the hull to a stage where you only need to add paint/ varnish.

Pack 1. Wood & Plywood pack. all the CNC cut plywood parts, planks, bottom plank, transom, trim, gunwales and inwales, ready for assembly.

Pack 2. Epoxy Materials Pack. All the epoxy materials required - resin, hardener, glue fillet additive, dispensing pumps, FG tape, gloves and mixing sticks.

Pack 3. Cable ties, clamps, rowlocks, and other sundry items.


Plywood Only Pack contents - All hull panels CNC cut with stitch holes drilled including centre frame, mould and transom.


Packs are delivered as two or more packages.


This dinghy will take up to a 30lb thrust electric outboard with the battery box under the centre thwart. These lightweight dinghies are easily driven and do not require a lot of power to drive them. A 1hp petrol outboard is the maximum power size engine for this dinghy weighing between 9 and 12kg.

Fitting engines to small, lightweight dinghies does require, if solo, sitting further forward. With crew etc. weight will need to distributed.




Shipping to UK Only

Kit prices include delivery to UK Mainland Only -

Highlands & Islands and N.I. may have a courier surcharge of at least £48 added.Please contact us for these areas or if you need any further information.​

Sorry, we cannot deliver outside UK.

Watch Bell Pram 8 DIY Kit from

£699.00 Regular Price
£664.05Sale Price
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