Build Your Boat from one of our Standard Dinghy & Canoe Kits

All our standard kits are cut from a quality hardwood marine plywood which is a lightweight, easy to work plywood and gives a good finish overall plus a better surface for paint and varnish.

Listed below are our standard kits with options and details for each kit along with any extras.









What’s in our Dinghy & Canoe Kits

Plywood & Epoxy Kits – a complete kit that provides you with everything you need to build your boat.  Hull panels are CNC cut to be as accurate as possible. Any hatch holes etc. are drilled including the stitch holes. All the epoxy materials are supplied (resin, hardener and fillet additive) All the wood for the trim and seats. Also included are some ancillary items such as round hatches (if required), wooden cleats, mooring rope, cable ties, vinyl gloves, mixing sticks, mixing pots and any extras you have ordered. A full instruction manual is included which takes you through the build step by step.

Basically all you need to build your boat ready for preparation for paint and/or varnish.

Canoe kits also include a yoke ready to fit and prepare for varnish.

Kit prices include delivery to UK Mainland Only -

Highlands & Islands and N.I. have a courier surcharge of at least £48 added.Please contact us for these areas or if you need any further information.​

Below is a slideshow of a Peasemarsh 10 build.













Custom Cut Kits
Our standard kits are CNC cut as Full Plywood and Epoxy kits only . We are able to change the standard kit to suit your needs. We may even be able to change the design for you as an optional extra.

If what you want is not one of our Standard Kits, select your design and contact us with your variations you may want and we will contact you to discuss it and, if required, send you a quote. 

1 Panels Drawn out from CNC templates (2)
2 Panels cut out
3 Bottom panels stitched tight at centre joint
4 Plank 1 panels stitched tight at centre joint
5 Both ends of Planks 1 stitched together
6 Planks 1 stitched to bottom panel
7 Planks 2 laid on ready for stitching
8 Starting to pull into position
9 Continuing to pull in stitches around the canoe
10 Stitches loosely pulled in to gain actual canoe shape
12 Spacer at sheer to keep canoe at correct width
13 Lengths of wood clamped on to keep curve of the canoe fair
14 Backing screw pads fitted to inside face of bulkhead for hatches
15 All pulled together and tight ready for epoxy stage
16 Glue fillets applied between the stitches and showing the bulkheads stitched in.
17 Cable ties removed from planks and inside glue fillets completed along the planks. The stem ends
18 The hull is turned over and cleaned up in preparation for the taping.
19 the gaps at the plank edges and the stitch holes are filled and then sanded smooth with the joint
22 Sheer trim or rubbing strips are fitted. The edges of the tape are rubbed down and you can add a
20 The joints are primed with mixed resin and the tape laid on and wetted out to soak it but keeping
21 The cable ties are removed from the centre joint after taping so far has cured and then the stitc
23 The hull is turned upright and the centre joint taped inside.
24 The yoke has been finished and fitted and the rest of the taped areas have fgairing mix applied.
25 Aftre the whole hull has been sanded smooth, taking care not to damage taped areas, it is underco
26 The insde is faired and buoyancy chambers are waterproofed with resin and or varnish. keep varnis
27 Small blocks are glued on to take the decks.
28 The decks are fitted although this shows a canoe which will have the sheer trim fitted short of t
29 After preparation the inside can be undercoated or varnished.
30 The boat is then glossed and varnished to finish
31 the hatches are fitted and the paddle finished. Ready for the water.
Delivery is Included for UK Mainland Only - Highlands & Islands and N.I. have a courier surcharge of £48 added.
Please contact us for these areas or if you need any further information.
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