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CNC Cutting

CNC routing/cutting service.

We already cut our own dinghy and canoe kits so we are now able to offer a 2d cutting service.

Plywood, MDF, Plastic, Acrylic, thin sheets of Aluminium.


If you have a project and you want to see it finished, we accommodate a range of sizes - from small designs to larger designs, like our dinghies or canoes. Our CNC machine can cut small items or larger items up to full size sheets of plywood.

Your drawings can be basic sketches on scrap paper or CAD drawings with DXF files etc. We keep our design fees (where needed to generate cutting code) as low as possible and there is no design fee for DXF files unless changes need to be made.

Our cutting prices start at just £15 (minimum charge) for a small A4 or A3 sized cut and from £40 per full size sheet plus any design fee, materials cost and delivery or you can collect.


Example 1. - Computer desk from basic customer drawings.

A simple design from the customer's own design to fit the small space he had.

Design fee - £12

Supply 1 x 12mm MDF sheet - £42

Cutting fee - £40

Delivery - £45

Total - £139

Eample 2. - 11' dinghy hull to customersDXF files

Design fee - £0

Supply 3 x 5.5mm  Gaboon marine plywood - £325

Cutting fee - £120

(P&P) Delivery - £95

Total - £540

We can help source and supply materials or, if you have them, arrange for them to be sent to us.

So if you have an idea, not just a boat, we can help make it happen with both the design and cutting and all at a reasonable price.


kContact us to discuss your needs and a quote.

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