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There are three options and they are all hand-crafted knot board, made in the UK from recylcled plywood and wood. It could be a unique addition to any collection. Perfect for those interested in sailing or nautical history, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter.

There are seven of the more commonly used knots on the board -

Figure Eight

Slip Knot


Clove Hitch

Sheet Bend

Reef Knot

Carrick Bend

However, I have a total of 16 that I use for these and other boards so I can customise this item if you wish. Just contact us fot the list and choose your 7 knots.

You can choose the outside hull colour too. Use the drop down menu for this. 

Also included is an information sheet for the knots on the board and what they are used for.

Please note that these items are built and ready for finishing as you want so allow at least 3 days for dispatch. 

Knot Boards from

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