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Loa: 2.36m (7’ - 9”)
Beam: 1.17m (3’ - 10”)
Draft: 0.127m (0’ - 5”)
Dry Weight: 22kg (50lb)
This dinghy was designed as a work horse for my small yacht to ferry crew and gear back and forth. These plans are for the rowing tender. She can be transported on the roof rack of the average family saloon or on a small trailer. She is quite easy to build in 6mm plywood with either 9mm or 12mm transoms depending on use. The plans include general details for adapting a sail rig for completing as a sailing dinghy.
Sail rig plans are now included in the A3 Workshop plans and Full Size Patterns plans.
Plywood Required (for complete basic hull) 
2 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m & ½ sheet 12mm Plywood - 3kg Epoxy Pack – 2ltr fillet mix – 25m x 100mm FG Tape – 4m x 200mm x 12mm (min) – 18mm (max) Timber for seats, 6 x 2.4m x 12mm x 21mm for trim (min size), 100 x 4.8mm x 300mm cable ties.


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Download Plans -  PDF download of plans (Go to Download page)


A3 Printed Workshop Plans -  A3 drawings with full instruction manual


Full Size Paper Patterns Plans -   Full size paper patterns of the main hull components with full instruction manualKit Options



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