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Fairlight 406


Loa 4.06m (13' - 4"), Beam 1.05m (3' - 6"), Dry Weight (approx.) 45kg (89lbs), Height fwd 0.575m (1' - 10.7"), Height aft 0.480m (1' - 7"), Height Amidships 0.415m (1' - 4.3"),

Crew 3 or 4 adults


This is a unique boat in ability - paddle, row, motor or sail it!!

A lightweight boat for its size - being far lighter than a similar fibreglass or plastic canoe.

You can choose to build the paddling & rowing, motor or the sailing version, the choice is yours. The paddling & rowing version has no hole for the rudder/engine and no dagger board case. The motor version has the addition of the hole for the engine and a suggested battery position. The full sailing version has the hole for the rudder, the mast support and dagger board case added. 

Performance wise, while one adult can paddle this boat, it is far easier and moves better with two - one forward, one aft. Rowing her was easy and she moved along nicely without too much effort. We only had an old 12v electric outboard with 24lbs thrust to test her with but this proved to be ample. It was a pleasant glide down the canal and she was responsive when it came to turning and manoeuvring. She performed well even with the small sail and the dagger board case didn't get in the way. The tiller configuration took some getting used to but it worked well. All in all, a great all round boat. 

Kit contents

Full Plywood Epoxy Kit - £1695.00

Contains 3 packs, everything you need to build the hull to a stage where you only need to add paint/ varnish.

Pack 1. Wood & Plywood pack. all the CNC cut plywood parts, planks, bottom plank and decks, ready for assembly. Wood for trim and deck supports.

Pack 2. Epoxy Materials Pack. All the epoxy materials required - resin, glue fillet additive, FG tape, gloves and mixing sticks.

Pack 3. Cable ties, yoke, hatches and other sundry items.

Full Plywood Epoxy Kit with Sail Rig - £2295.00

Contains the 3 packs above with the addition of a full rig kit - rudder, dagger board, spars, sail and fittings etc.

Standard Plywood Only Option Pack - £995.00

Contains Plywood Hull Panels with bulkheads and decks all CNC cut with stitch holes where required. (Confirmation after order)

Kits are delivered as two or more packages.

Any questions, please email us. Thank you.

Free Delivery to UK Mainland Only

Fairlight 406 Row, Motor, Sailing Canoe Kit Options from

£995.00 Regular Price
£945.25Sale Price
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