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Length - 7' - 8" (2.34m)
Width - 4' - 0" (1.22m)
Dry weight of 50lbs (23kg).
Crew - 2/3 Adults
The WATCH BELL 2.3 Pram Dinghy is a great little boat that we already sell as a kit but as it has been our production boat for a while we didn't sell the DIY plans - till now. She will row, motor or sail and has plenty of room inside for a boat of this size, ideal for learning to sail. These boats are easier to build than a stem dinghy of the same length, have more room and are often more stable.
The boat is built in plywood with a 6mm planked hull with 12mm transoms and 6mm framed bulkheads. The bulkheads form part of the buoyancy tanks fore and aft and should have the holes for small hatches to be fitted to allow for airing the tanks plus giving you somewhere dry to stow things while on the water.  There is also buoyancy built in under the centre thwart.
The hull is built using the "Lap Stitch" method of construction which quickly gives you the hull shape, held together with wire stitches or cable ties and then the laps are filled with epoxy. It is built upright either on the floor or on support beams at height that is easy to work at. The second option is better as it allows easier squaring and levelling of the hull later.
The boat can be built as a rowing, motor or sailing dinghy or all three! The basic hull can be built to row or motor with the sail rig added later which is an option with almost all of our designs. We can supply you with a professionally made sail as an extra. Some people think this type of dinghy is ugly but, when you consider that you get more space inside your dinghy and a more stable dinghy with this design, perhaps it might start to look more attractive.
Basic Materials Required
3 ½ sheets of 6mm very good quality exterior or preferably marine grade for the hull. 5kg Epoxy pack

Watch Bell Pram 8 Digital Download Plans

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