Length 15' - 6" (4.72m)
 Beam 3' - 1.5" (0.90m)
 Depth (midships) 1' - 1" (0.33m)
 Height fwd/aft 1' - 8" (0.51m)
 Weight (approx.) 33lbs (15kgs) 4mm Ply - 55lbs (25kgs) 6mm ply
 Crew 2/3 Adult
Designed for a client who knew exactly what he wanted in looks and performance. It is built in 6mm plywood and I was surprised at how well it turned out. It can be paddled while kneeling or simple seats can be fitted using either basic plywood or cane.
It is ideal for a solo paddle but will do just as well with two or three adults.
One of these was recently fitted with an outboard well. He asked us to design it in f