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Length 15' - 6" (4.72m)
 Beam 3' - 1.5" (0.90m)
 Depth (midships) 1' - 1" (0.33m)
 Height fwd/aft 1' - 8" (0.51m)
 Weight (approx.) 33lbs (15kgs) 4mm Ply - 55lbs (25kgs) 6mm ply
 Crew 2/3 Adult
Designed for a client who knew exactly what he wanted in looks and performance. It is built in 6mm plywood and I was surprised at how well it turned out. It can be paddled while kneeling or simple seats can be fitted using either basic plywood or cane.
It is ideal for a solo paddle but will do just as well with two or three adults.
One of these was recently fitted with an outboard well. He asked us to design it in for him using an electric outboard he already had so that he could go fishing on the Broads.
 Basic Materials Required
3 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m, 6kg Epoxy pack, 3ltr Fillet Additive,
 60m x 100mm wide F/G Tape, 150 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties.

Ryemarsh 15 Open Canoe Digital Download Plans

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