Despite it's size, it is a great little pram dinghy. The "RYE BAY 6" - a small flat bottomed rowing pram dinghy for use perhaps as a small tender or for lake fishing. She is only 6' - 0" long and 3' - 8" wide and designed to be light enough to be easily carried by one person and transported on the roof rack of almost any car. She will take the smallest electric outboard but can be rowed or paddled. Built-in buoyancy is under the centre thwart or the alternative full length seat but buoyancy bags could be fitted too. Examples of this boat have been used as maintenance craft for small private lakes or ponds.

PLEASE NOTE!! This boat has been designed for EU "Category D" use on inland rivers, canals and lakes or sheltered waters.
It is not recommended for use at sea or in strong tidal waters.

Basic Materials Required (Rowing Version) 
2 x 2.44m x 1.22m sheets of 6mm Plywood (preferably marine grade)
1 x 2.44m x 1.22m sheet of 12mm plywood for transoms and seating etc. (preferably marine grade), 4 x 12mm x 30mm DIY timber or Douglas Fir etc. 3kg Epoxy Pack, 2ltr Fillet Mix, 30