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Loa: 2.3m (7’ - 6”)
Beam: 1.2m (3’ - 11”)
Draft: 0.14m (0’ - 5.5”)
Dry Weight: 50lb (22kg) - Rowing Spec.
Maximum Load: 500lb (227kg)
Crew: 2 Adults
The "RYE BAY 228"  is the Mk IV version of this design as a stitch & tape boat. It is 7' - 6" long with a good 4' beam which makes for a small but spacious boat with an approximate dry weight of 50lb (22kg). It is built in 6mm ply or can be 6mm on the bottom and 4mm sides for a light duty, lightweight boat.
This has been a popular design and was the first of our designs we sold as a complete boat. It has had many uses - as a tender, a work boat, a fishing boat and as a sailing dinghy.
It can take a small outboard motor - 2hp petrol or electric - and has optional built-in buoyancy tanks. The plans now show details for a rowing/motor version and a sailing version.
This is our favourite S&T dinghy and we have built more of these than any of our other designs. It started out as a fully framed, plywood planked boat we designed for me to sail round my local harbour and now, with the fourth re-design, it is possible to build the hull from just two sheets of plywood ready for the timber seats and trim.
Recently, a builder reported he had built one using just plywood all round sourced from various off-cuts from his local timber yard and a building salvage yard.
We now offer full size patterns for the Rye Bay 228.

Basic Materials Required (for complete hull build):
2 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m Plywood - 3kg Epoxy Pack – 2ltr fillet mix – 25m x 100mm FG Tape – 3m x 200mm x 12mm (min) – 18mm (max) Timber for seats, 6 x 2.4m x12mm x 21mm for trim (min size), 100 x 4.8mm x 300mm cable ties.

Rye Bay 228 - Digital Download Plans

  • File is a PDF download.


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