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LOA: 7' - 6" (2.3m)
Beam: 4' - 0" (1.22m)
Dry weight: 60lb (28kg)
Max Load: 500lb (227kg)
Crew: 2/3 Adults


Currently Only Available as Digital Download or A3 Workshop Plans

The "PYEFLEET 2.2" was the RYE BAY 2.2 MkII with an extra plank but is now a design in it's own right after 15 years. It is a small but spacious boat with a good carrying capacity and performance. This, the new version, has a narrow keel plank and three planks per side. It is still as easy as the original to build but is slightly more work. However, it does produce a better looking and better performing boat. The first plank requires a bend and twist at the stem so it can only be built using 5 ply quality marine plywood for the best results. It can be used as a tender, a work boat, a fishing boat and as a sailing dinghy. It can also take a small outboard motor - 2hp petrol or electric. It does not have built-in buoyancy but inflatable buoyancy bags can be fitted fore and aft. You could fit fore and aft bulkheads to provide buoyancy tanks and fit small hatches to them. We can provide the parts for this if required. Built using the "Stitch & Tape" method of construction, the build takes around 40 hours to complete but has been done in less. Once complete, you row it, motor or sail it!


Note - Basic Sail Plans (A3 Sheet) for this design can be sent to you later if you want them via email.

Pyefleet 2.2 - Digital Plans

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