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Loa 10’ – 0” (3.05m)
Beam 2’ – 7” (0.79m)
Weight (apprx.) 40lbs (18kgs)
Max. Load (apprx.) 350lbs (159kgs)
Height at Bow/Stern 18"/18" (0.46m/0.46m)
 Height amidships 11.5" (0.29m)
 Crew 1 plus maybe a small 1
Basic Materials
2 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m,
3kg Epoxy pack,
 1.5ltr Fillet Additive,
 20m x 100mm wide F/G Tape,
 50 x 4.8mm x 300mm Cable Ties
2 x 12mm x 21mm x 2.4m Ash, Stripwood or DIY.

Peasemarsh 10 Digital Download Plans

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