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These are made from oak - reclaimed boards or sawmill offcuts. Pictures show two knots, my favourites but there are 16 knots, bends or hitches to choose from which are mounted with basic information about it laser engraved on a plaque. They also come with a more detailed information sheet which includes how to tie the knot.
The oak board is treated with a non solvent varnish and comes with a small support piece and some glue to allow it to stand alone or it could be wall mounted. 
Two sizes 200mm high and 95mm wide (white knot) or 300mm high and 145mm wide (blue knot) and both around 25mm thick though sizes may vary a little as hand made. 
The choice of knots is listed below. We will contact you to confirm your choice after the sale.
Figure 8
Clove Hitch
Overhand Knot
Two Half Hitches 
Granny Knot
Bow Knot
Sheet Bend 
Reef Knot
Running Knot
Stevedore Knot
Slip Knot
Carrick Knot
Fishermans Bend
Midshipmans Hitch.

Oak Boat Shaped Single Knot Board Display - 200mm or 300mm from

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