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Loa: 2.92m (9' - 7")
Beam: 1.32m (4' - 4")
Draft: 0.175m (0' - 7")
Dry Weight: 32kg (70lb) Rowing Spec.
Maximum Load: 330kg (725lb)
Crew: 3 adults
This is the "DUNMORE 292" which was designed for a father and son to go fishing in. It is a great little dinghy that is happy to be rowed but will take an outboard, either electric or petrol.
It is built using the “Stitch & Tape” method but could be built using “Clinker Ply” although the plans don’t yet detail it. It is not a difficult build and you do end up with a good looking boat.
At the moment, this boat is only available as a DIY Plans Package in download A4 PDF.
Weight is kept to a minimum without compromising on strength so you get a strong, lightweight and capable little boat that motors nicely to your chosen fishing spot and is then quite comfortable, for a boat of this size, for a day's fishing.
This boat has been designed for EU Category "D" use on inland rivers, canals and lakes or sheltered waters.
It is not recommended for use in strong tidal waters.

Dunmore 292 - Digital Download Plans

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