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Loa: 2.3m (7' - 10")

Beam: 1.2m (3' - 11")
Draft: 0.14m (0' - 5")
Dry Weight: 25kg (Rowing Spec.)
Maximum Load: 227kg (500lb)
Crew: 2 adults

Built in marine plywood and epoxy, weight is kept to a minimum without compromising on strength so you get a strong, lightweight and capable little boat. This too is a relatively new design but as with the Seranata it is based on our tried and tested Watch Bell. This capable little craft is only 2.3m (7½ feet) long but will carry 2 adults with ease when rowing, motoring or sailing plus some gear. It might be more comfortable solo when sailing but can still carry two easily. The aft compartment is fitted with a small round watertight hatch as somewhere to keep car keys etc. while on the water. Further buoyancy is provided forward and under the centre thwart and forward of the mast using inflatable buoyancy bags either side of the dagger board case, the cockpit sides and forward of the mast. All this is detailed in the plans as is making some oars.
Basic Materials Required (for complete hull) 
2 x 6mm x 2.44m x 1.22m Plywood - 3kg Epoxy Pack – 2ltr fillet mix – 25m x 100mm FG Tape – 3m x 200mm x 12mm (min) – 18mm (max) Timber for seats, 6 x 2.4m x 12mm x 21mm for trim (min size), 100 x 4.8mm x 300mm cable ties.

Coral Pram 8 Dinghy A3 Workshop Plans

£45.00 Regular Price
£40.50Sale Price
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