Loa: 2.36m (7’ - 9”)
Beam: 1.17m (3’ - 10”)
Draft: 0.127m (0’ - 5”)
Dry Weight: 45lb (20.5kg)


Currently Only Available as Digital Download or A3 Workshop Plans

These plans are for the "BREDE PRAM". A small, flat bottomed, rowing pram dinghy that can be used for fishing on the local inland water or perhaps as a tender to a larger boat. She is 7’ - 5" in length, 3’ - 11" wide and designed to be light enough to be carried by one person and transported on the roof rack of almost any car or on a small trailer. For power, an electric motor is best for the weight hanging on the transom.These plans are the basic plans to build the hull shell with one seat. 
Basic Materials Required (Rowing Version):
2 x 2.44m x 1.22m sheets of 6mm Plywood (preferably marine grade)
1 x 2.44m x 1.22m sheet of 12mm Plywood for transoms and seating etc. (preferably marine grade)
4 x 12mm x 30mm DIY timber or Douglas Fir etc.
3kg Epoxy Pack
2ltr Fillet Mix
30m x 100mm Wide Fibre Glass Tape
50 Cable Ties


Download Plans - £15  PDF download of plans (Go to Download page)


A3 Printed Workshop Plans - £25   A3 drawings with full instruction manual


Full Size Paper Patterns Plans - £45   Full size paper patterns of the main hull components with full instruction manualKit Options


Plywood Only Kit - £235.00  Contains all the plywood parts, planks, bottom panel, frame and transom, ready for assembly.Both Options come with the full instructions pack for the build.


Full Plywood Epoxy Kit - £395  Contains 3 packs, everything you need to build the hull to a stage where you only need to add paint/ varnish and a set of oars or a motor.

Pack 1. Wood & Plywood pack. Planks, bottom panel, frame and transom, ready for assembly. The wood for the seats and trim is also included

.Pack 2. Epoxy Materials Pack. All the epoxy materials required - resin, glue fillet additive, FG tape, gloves and mixing sticks.

Pack 3. Cable ties and other sundry items.


Custom Built Ready for the Water – from £475 for standard build. If you prefer, these boats can be built to order which gives you an opportunity to decide on a colour and make any other changes you might want. Depending on those changes, your boat could be ready in 14 - 28 days from the price below. We build your boat to your specification on our standard hull build adding or omitting items as you want it. The standard built boat is built in a quality marine plywood, trim and seats are fitted with bottom runners to complete the build. The hull is then finished - one colour outside, white or varnished inside with varnished wood trim and seats. Black nylon rowlocks, basic wooden oars, a 5m mooring rope fitted and it's ready to launch.

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