Dinghy Kits

Due to longer than normal delivery times of materials in current Covid19 situation,

we cannot give a definite delivery time until we are ready to cut your kit.
We anticipate lead times of 7 - 21 days at this time.
Also, due to delivery shape and size restrictions, we are currently only able to offer
the Rye Bay 6, Karun Pram & Winchelsea 2.2  kits as listed below.
Our other dinghy kits will be available as soon as possible.

Plywod Only Kit Contents

All plywood hull panels, frames and decks as applicable.

No stitch holes are drilled as standard but these are all optional extras which can be added after purchase.

Full Plywod & Epoxy Kit Contents

All plywood hull panels, frames and decks (as applicable) with stitch holes drilled as standard. All epoxy materials, cable ties, round plastic hatches and wood trim are also included.

If you require anything not listed with the kits or an extra you require, please contact us.

Rye Bay Pram 6

The pram dinghy version of this design is currently only available as the 6'. A small flat bottomed rowing pram dinghy for use perhaps as a small tender or for lake fishing, only 6' - 0" long and 3' - 8" wide and designed to be light enough to be easily carried by one person and transported on the roof rack of almost any car. She will take the smallest electric outboard but can be rowed or paddled. Built-in buoyancy is under the centre thwart or the alternative full length seat but buoyancy bags could be fitted too. Examples of this boat have been used as maintenance craft for small private lakes or ponds.

Rye Bay 228 DIY Full Ply/Epoxy DIY Dinghy Kits & Options


Watch Bell Pram 8


Length - 7' - 8" (2.34m)

Width - 4' - 0" (1.22m)
Dry weight of 50lbs (23kg).
Crew - 2/3 Adults
 Taking around 35 hours to build, the WATCH BELL 2.3 Pram Dinghy is a great little boat that was very popular as our production boat about 10 years ago. 

Although this kit is for the rowing or motor versions, she can also be converted to sail and has plenty of room inside for a boat of this size, ideal for learning to sail. It has a slight "V" bottom which helps deal with choppier water directional stability when rowing.

The design of these boats allows us to build you a boat with more room and and better stablility for it's size than a stem dinghy.

And it can be carried on the roof rack of the average family car!
The hull is built using the "Clinker Ply" method of construction which gives a more traditional looking boat. You will receive the mould/centre frame.
The kit is supplied in a quality marine plywood with a 6mm planks, 12mm transoms and 6mm framed centre bulkhead and the wood for the seats and trim and and a 6m mooring rope with a cleat.
The boat can be built as our standard rowing dinghy or you can add an electric motor or lightweight 1hp petrol outboard, or add the sailing rig.

Watch Bell Pram 8 full plywood/ epoxy & plywood only Kits & Options

Karun Pram 8 
Loa: 2.36m (7’ - 9”)
Beam: 1.17m (3’ - 10”)
Draft: 0.127m (0’ - 5”)
Dry Weight: 22kg (50lb)
Another easy to build dinghy that takes around 25hrs to build. Pram dinghies make for a spacious boat and this one is no exception. Ideal workhorse as a tender for a larger boat or a canal picnic cruise with an electric outboard.

Karun Pram 8 Full Ply/Epoxy DIY Dinghy Kits & Options

Winchelsea 2.2


Loa 2.26m (7’ – 6”)
Beam 1.19m (3’ – 11”)
Draft 0.127m (0’ – 5”)
Dry Weight 22.5kgs (50lbs)

​Engine  -  maximum 24lb thrust electic or 1hp or 1.5hppetrol

This boat is built upside down over a framework of the centre support, stem, transom and bottom plank (all supplied). The planks are added and then it is turned over to be fitted out with trim and seats. This all takes about 40 hours but you will build an attractive, traditional looking dinghy that makes for a fun picnic or inland waters fishing boat for the local canal, lake or river. It performs well with an electric outboard but will take a lightweight  1.5hp petrol outboard. 

Winchelsea 2.2 Full Ply/Epoxy DIY Dinghy Kits & Options

Sailing version details available on request.
Build times are an estimate based on feedback and relate to the hull build up to preparation to paint stage.
Heading 5
Delivery is Included for UK Mainland Only - Highlands & Islands and N.I. have a courier surcharge of £48 added.
Please contact us for these areas or if you need any further information.
Note: Prices differ on eBay as not the same quality plywood and not CNC cut
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