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A hand made, boat shaped wine rack and shelf unit which is free standing so can be sat on your counter top etc. However, we did just supply one with a bracket to hang on a wall keeping the space needed for the bottles which protrude at the back 
Measures around  - 24" (605cm) high, 12.5" (32cm) wide and 6" (15cm) deep
Sizes can vary a little as they are individually made with plywood and solid wood trim.
The outside colour does not have to be blue as we can paint it other colours or varnished all round
Room for 6 x 75cl wine bottles with two on the shelf or store some glasses there.
(The bottles do protrude both sides, see pictures, but the shelf will take a standard 75cl bottle)
A unique item 


Free UK Delivery or Collect

Boat Shaped Wine Station 24inches high - hand made.

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