Custom Built Rye Bay 228


Loa: 2.3m (7’ - 6”)
Beam: 1.2m (3’ - 11”)
Draft: 0.14m (0’ - 5.5”)
Dry Weight: 50lb (22kg) - Rowing Spec.
Maximum Load: 500lb (227kg)
Crew: 2 Adults

Custom Built Ready for the Water – from £695 for standard build which is built from cnc cut, Gaboon marine plywood, trim and seats are fitted with bottom runners to complete the build. The hull is then finished - one colour outside, white or varnished inside with varnished wood trim and seats with black nylon rowlocks, basic wooden oars, a 5m mooring rope fitted, 1 x adult buoyancy aid so that when you collect it, your boat is ready to launch. 

If you prefer, these boats can be built to to your specification which gives you an opportunity to decide on a colour and make any other changes you might want. Depending on those changes, your boat could be ready in 14 - 28 days from the price below. We build your boat to your how you want it based on our standard hull build adding or omitting items as you want it. Prices on request for this option.


Custom Built Boats are Collection Only


The "RYE BAY 228" is the Mk IV version of this design as a stitch & tape boat. It is 7' - 6" long with a good 4' beam which makes for a small but spacious boat with an approximate dry weight of 50lb (22kg). It is built in 6mm ply or can be 6mm on the bottom and 4mm sides for a light duty, lightweight boat.
This has been a popular design and was the first of our designs we sold as a complete boat. It has had many uses - as a tender, a work boat, a fishing boat and as a sailing dinghy.
It can take a small outboard motor - 2hp petrol or electric - and has optional built-in buoyancy tanks. The plans now show details for a rowing/motor version and a sailing version.



The Rye Bay 228 is also available as Plan and Kits

Rye Bay 228 Custom Build