Karun Pram 8 Custom Build


Loa: 2.36m (7’ - 9”)
Beam: 1.17m (3’ - 10”)
Draft: 0.127m (0’ - 5”)
Dry Weight: 22kg (50lb)
This dinghy was designed as a work horse for my small yacht to ferry crew and gear back and forth. These plans are for the rowing tender. She can be transported on the roof rack of the average family saloon or on a small trailer. She is quite easy to build in 6mm plywood with either 9mm or 12mm transoms depending on use. Theis an option for adding a sail rig for completing as a sailing dinghy - contact us for details.
Sail rig plans are now included in the A3 Workshop plans and Full Size Patterns plans.

Custom Built Ready for the Water – from £545 for standard build. If you prefer, these boats can be built to order which gives you an opportunity to decide on a colour and make any other changes you might want. Depending on those changes, your boat could be ready in 14 - 28 days from the price below. We build your boat to your specification on our standard hull build adding or omitting items as you want it. The standard built boat is built in a quality marine plywood, trim and seats are fitted with bottom runners to complete the build. The hull is then finished - one colour outside, white or varnished inside with varnished wood trim and seats. Black nylon rowlocks, basic wooden oars, a 5m mooring rope fitted and it's ready to launch.

Collection Only for Custom Built Boats


We have used this dinghy with a 18lb thrust electric outboard with the battery box under the centre thwart. It performed well. These lightweight dinghies are easily driven and do not require a lot of power to drive them. A 1hp outboard is the maximum power size petrol outboard engine for this dinghy weighing between 9 and 12kg. Heavier engines (not recommended) will require added weight forward and sitting further forward. 

Karun Pram 8 Custom Build

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£625.50Sale Price