Loa: 2.36m (7’ - 9”)
Beam: 1.17m (3’ - 10”)
Draft: 0.127m (0’ - 5”)
Dry Weight: 45lb (20.5kg)

The "BREDE PRAM", a small, flat bottomed, rowing pram dinghy that can be used for fishing on the local inland water or perhaps as a tender to a larger boat. She is 7’ - 5" in length, 3’ - 11" wide and designed to be light enough to be carried by one person and transported on the roof rack of almost any car or on a small trailer. For power, an electric motor is best for the weight hanging on the transom.This is the basic kit with one seat across the middle. 


Kit Options

Full Plywood Epoxy Kit - £590.00

Contains 3 packs, everything you need to build the hull to a stage where you only need to add paint/ varnish and a set of oars or a motor.

Pack 1. Wood & Plywood pack. CNC cut planks, bottom panel, frame and transom, ready for assembly. The wood for the seats and trim is also included.

Pack 2. Epoxy Resin Pack. The epoxy resin and hardenerwith dispensing pumps, fillet additive, mixing sticks, mixing pots, epoxy brushes and protective gloves as required .

Pack 3. Cable ties and other sundry items.


Or buy in stages


Plywood Only Kit - £375.00

Contains all the plywood parts, planks, bottom panel, frame and transom, ready for assembly plus the full instructions pack for the complete build.


Epoxy Pack - £175.00

The pack contains all the epoxy materials you need to stick the boat together - resin & hardener, fillet additive (for the glue), mixing stick, mixing pots, epoxy brushes and protective gloves etc.


Wood Pack - £120.00

The wood pack contains the trim (sheer trim around the top edge of the planking, quarter knees at the transom, breast hook at the stem, etc.). It also includes the seats cut oversize for you to trim to fit. The sheer trim is clear of knots to allow easier bending on but there may be knots in the seats etc.


This dinghy will take up to a 30lb thrust electric outboard with the battery box under the centre thwart. These lightweight dinghies are easily driven and do not require a lot of power to drive them. A 1hp petrol outboard is the maximum power size engine for this dinghy weighing between 9 and 12kg.

Fitting engines to small, lightweight dinghies does require, if solo, sitting further forward. With crew etc. weight will need to distributed.




Shipping to UK Only

Kit prices include delivery to UK Mainland Only -

Highlands & Islands and N.I. have a courier surcharge of at least £48 added.Please contact us for these areas or if you need any further information.​

Sorry, we cannot deliver outside UK.

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