Q. Why get a Canoe

A. Because its a very economical and healthy way to enjoy our waterways.

Having spoken to people about this, I have come to the conclusion that, the most common thing on their minds was stability. The comment “My wife doesn’t like a boat that rocks.”

Mine neither and she hates canal water and dreads getting even a wellingtoned foot into its dirty, murky brown water. However, she got in our little Peasemarsh 8 and paddled around a section of canal and afterwards she demanded I design and build a kayak for her so she can go further – on that same dirty, murky brown canal!

Looks cleaner than it was!

Once you master getting in and out of it, and that’s not difficult, a canoe or kayak is a very enjoyable way to enjoy our waterways. And it is cheap to enjoy! A friend of mine took his wife and their 10 year old son along with their Peasemarsh 14 on a camping trip to Dorset near Christchurch. They spent a day in Christchurch Harbour in cleaner shallower water learning how to get in and out of it as well as an enjoyable days paddling. That was four years ago. Now they have added a Peasemarsh 10 for their son and they all regularly go for a days paddle together on the canals, rivers and the Broads.

One of our Peasemarsh 8's. She loves it..

So, what would it cost?

Using our Peasemarsh 12 as an example, you could buy one and enjoy a year on the 2000 miles of waterways looked after by the Canal and River Trust for around £850.

Our complete, ready built Peasemarsh 12 canoe package includes the completed canoe, of course, with a paddle, buoyancy aid and a length of rope to moor it with for £695. Add £54 for a waterways licence and the same or even less for insurance and you can go canoeing on that 2000 miles of canals and rivers. After the first years canoe and equipment costs, it could cost less than £100 a year to paddle when you like for a licence and insurance. If you decided to visit the Norfolk Broads, a canoe licence is only about £8 a week I think. If you get British Canoeing membership, it includes a waterways licence and you can add insurance at good rates.

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