Premier Dinghy & Canoe Kits

Our range of premier kits are the same designs as our standard kits but with better quality materials and a few extras.

We are now offering our kits not just as standard kits but also premier kits.

These new kits are the same great designs but in top quality materials and a few little extras.

With the dinghy kits you can also get the sailing dinghy version.

Our kit options are listed below

Kit Contents - Option 1.

Items supplied as standard with all canoe kits;


Canoe Build Pack -

Bottom Panel with stitch holes drilled – 2 pieces

Side Planks with stitch holes drilled – 2 pieces of each plank

Bulkheads – 2 pieces (minimum)

Decks – 2 pieces

Deck supports – 6 pieces

Centre bar (spacer)

Trim or rubbing strips – 4 pieces to allow full length if required (outside only)

Epoxy resin with hardener

Dispenser pumps

Fillet mix – for the glue

Epoxy mixing sticks

Nitrile gloves

Epoxy mixing pots

Cable ties x 100 at least

Kit Contents - Option 2.

As Option 1 with the addition of


Accessories Pack - 

Hatches – 2 x white round screw in type with screws

Yoke – 1 piece ready shaped and sanded unvarnished (Except Peasemarsh 8)

Wooden cleat x 2 or wooden eye x 2 as chosen

3m length of rope

Paddle – supplied ready shaped and sanded unvarnished

Seat – 1 piece (Except Peasemarsh 8)

Buoyancy Aid – x 1 adult only


Kit Contents - Option 3.

As Option 1 & 2 with the addition of

Paint Pack -

to colour requested from standard colours

Varnish – a clear yacht varnish

Kit Contents - Option 4.

As Option 1,2 & 3 with the addition of

Finishing Pack -

Random orbital sander, a cordless drill, a spokeshave or surform shaver, a pair of cutters to cut off the cable ties, sand paper discs, sand paper, and paint brushes.

About Our Kits

We have selected the plywood we use from our supplier which gives us the best results and tested it with various epoxy brands to find those we feel works best.

The parts for your canoe are cut on our CNC router which enables us to monitor the whole production.

A simple straight epoxy taped joint is the standard for the joining of your bottom and plank panels, but you can opt for a "zig zag" joint or the “puzzle” type joint if you wish. These allow for easy fitting and gluing of these joints with maximum strength.

We use Ash for the trim and have a simple glue method for you to achieve a quality finshed, full length trim for the top edge of the hull inside and out if you choose or just outside and shorter. The choice is yours but you will have the materials to do it your way.

Your decks are not simply placed directly on top but recessed to fit between the hull sides flush with the top edge. This is the only area where you will need to do some extra trimming.

Once the hull is complete and the taped areas are disguised we detail how to fit your seat(s), yoke and the optional cleat for the rope. Many people just loop it around the yoke and secure to the shore.

You will receive an email with a PDF copy of the build manual which details assembly and epoxy use a day or so after your order is confirmed so that you can start to plan your build and get any questions out of the way before you kit arrives.


Our aim is to produce a kit that is both easy to build and that will give good results.

We believe our kits to be of a high quality and the most comprehensive with what is included.

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