Custom Built PeasemarshCanoes

If you don't want to build your own boat, we will build it for you.

Custom Boat building has been suspendeded due to current full border book.

We will be taking orders again soon.

These canoes are built by a professional boat builder and finished to a high standard using Gaboon, Lloyds registered marine plywood for the hull and solid wood for the trim and seats. They are painted to your choice of our standard colours and varnished to a high gloss.

Paint colours are standard black, white, red, burgundy, blue, dark blue, green, dark green and yellow. We may be able to get certain other colours or shades, please contact us for details.

The best thing about our boats is they are far lighter than similar fibreglass and plastic boats making them easier to transport and carry to and from the water. Once on it, they perform well.

Lead times for Custom Built canoes is 4 to 6 weeks

The 10 & 12 Peasemarsh canoes can be made in two halves.

This helps with transport and storage then easily bolts together, ready to paddle.


DIY Dinghy and Canoe Plans, Kits and Custom Built Boats, Canoe & Dinghy Boat building Workshops.

Pictures are for reference only.

Please Note - All complete boats are collection only.

We are no longer able to deliver boats due to the high costs making it unviable.