Canoe Kits

In current Covid19 situation we have reduced the designs available but may be able to cut other designs.

Contact us for further details.

Lead times are currently 7 - 21 days.

Currently only the Peasemarsh and Dengemarsh canoe kits as listed below,
Plus, now the Newmarsh 12.
Our other canoe designs will be listed when available.

See the Stitch & Tape boat building method building a canoe here.

All our kits are cnc cut and have our simple plank scarfing (joining) method except in the Peasemarsh 8 and 2 piece canoes.

Puzzle cut joint shown above is an option. Please request with order. 


2 Panels cut out.JPG
Plywood canoe hull parts

Kit Contents

Cut from a high quality plywood you will receive all the hull panels with stitch holes drilled, wood for the trim (gunwales, inwales) and a yoke. Bulkheads and decks are included to form the bouyancy chambers with hatches and the holes cut for them. You also get a mooring rope and a paddle. Various other options could be incuded. See individual kits for full contents

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If you require anything not listed with the kits or an extra you want, please contact us.

Peasemarsh 8
The Peasemarsh 8 is an easy to build canoe 8'  at 7' - 7" (2.31m) long and 2' - 2" wide at it's widest point which will take a paddler weighing up to 11st (70kg). It takes around 20hrs to build from the full kit. What makes this an easy build is that the individual hull panels are supplied in one piece so you can have the hull stitched together and the first stage of the gluing done on the same day you receive it. Once on the water it's a great little fun canoe.

CFPM8 6 (1800x605).jpg
Peasemarsh 10
Loa 10’ – 0” (3.05m)  Beam 2’ – 7” (0.79m)  Weight (apprx.) 40lbs (18kgs)  Max. Load (apprx.) 350lbs (159kgs)  Height at Bow/Stern 18"/18" (0.46m/0.46m)   Height amidships 11.5" (0.29m)   Crew 1 plus maybe a small 1
Another easy to build canoe which will take a solo adult paddler weighing up to 15st (95kg). It takes around 25hrs to build from the full kit and you can have the hull stitched together on the same day you receive it. There is an option to build it in two sections that bolt together.
15 All pulled together and tight ready f

A video of a Peasemarsh 10 being stitched together - speeded up a bit.

Peasemarsh 12
Loa 12’ – 6” (3.81m)   Beam 2’ – 9” (0.84m)    Weight (apprx.)   45lbs (20kgs)    Max. Load (apprx.) 400lbs (181kgs)   Height at Bow/Stern  19"/19" (0.48m/0.48m)    Height amidships   12" (0.30m)    Crew    1 plus 1
A great project for 2 adults to build and get out on the water after around 30hrs to build time from the full kit. Ideal for a day out on the water or a camping trip. It goes together easily with a simple plank joining method to get the length you need.
Peasemarsh12 W6.jpg
18 The hull is turned over and cleaned u
Peasemarsh 14
Loa 14’ – 6” (4.4m), Beam 2’ – 10” (0.86m), Weight (apprx.) 50lbs (22.5kgs),  Max. Load (apprx.) 580lbs (263kgs),  Height at Bow/Stern 21"/21" (0.53m/0.53m),  Height amidships 13" (0.33m),  Crew 2/3Adults.
A great project to get up to 3 adults paddling after around 40hrs build time from the full kit. Ideal for a day out on the water or a camping trip. As with the 12, it goes together easily with a simple plank joining method to get the length you need.
The Swan near Stoke Gabriel M.O. Dartmou
Dengemarsh 10
Length 10' - 0" (3.048m)    Beam 2' - 9" (0.813m)    Depth (midships) 1' - 0" (0.305m)    Height fwd/aft 1' - 7" (0.483m) Dry Weight (approx.) 38bs (17kgs)    Crew 1 Adult or 2 Children  
The Dengemarsh canoe is based on the Peasemarsh but with an extra plank which makes for a slightly rounder hull. An open “Canadian” style canoe along the lines of the Peasemarsh design but with an additional plank each side. There is optional buoyancy fore and aft using the bulkheads  and enclosed with a flush fitting deck, both supplied. It goes together easily and quite quickly and once completed, looks good and gives good performance on the water. Designed to be paddled with 1 adult  or 2 children while kneeling but a seat(s) could be fitted.
PM10-1 (800x259).jpg
PM10-3 (640x605).jpg
Dengemarsh 12
Length 12' - 6" (3.81m),  Beam 2' - 9" (0.84m), Depth (midships) 1' - 0.5" (0.32m),  Height fwd/aft 1' - 7.5" (0.49m),  Weight (approx.) 44lbs (20kgs),  Crew 2 Adults  #
Built-in buoyancy is supplied fore and aft using bulkheads and decks fitted with small hatches for storage of valuables etc. It takes between 30 and 40 hours to complete. This canoe is ideal for a solo paddle but will also take 2 adults and some gear for day trip or weekend camp etc. or perhaps a day on the water for the kids. It goes together easily and quite quickly. Once completed, it looks good and performs well on the water too. I love the lines of this canoe.
IMAG0231 (800x398).jpg
2012-05-30 12.02.51.jpg

Newmarsh 12 Open Canoe

Length  3.81m  (12' - 6"), Beam    .864m  (2' - 10"), Height Fore & Aft  .559m (22"), Height amidships  .330m  (13.5"), Dry Weight of around  21kg (45lbs). Maximum Load  182kgs  (400lbs), Crew  2

Designed for a day trip or just some fun on the water and to be paddled while kneeling or possibly sitting on the bottom, as I do, but can be fitted with simple plywood seats.
Easily moved about on dry land by an adult with one hand using the centre bar/yoke. Just as easily carried by two people to the water.
Once on the water you will find this canoe performs well and is relatively stable. It is ideal for a solo paddle but will do just as well with two adults.
This canoe was designed to be built using the Stitch & Tape and Clinker ply methods but the kit is supplied to be built using the Clinker Ply method.
It can be built in either 4mm or 6mm plywood but the kit is supplied in 5mm and when finished, is a very good looking craft - in my opinion.


Kit contents

Full Plywood Epoxy Kit -

Contains 3 packs, everything you need to build the hull to a stage where you only need to add paint/ varnish.

Pack 1. Wood & Plywood pack. all the CNC cut plywood parts, planks, bottom plank and decks, ready for assembly.

Pack 2. Epoxy Materials Pack. All the epoxy materials required - resin, glue fillet additive, FG tape, gloves and mixing sticks.

Pack 3. Cable ties, yoke, paddle, hatches and other sundry items.


Standard Plywood Epoxy Kit Options Pack - 

As above with the addition of hatches and inwales.


Kits are delivered as two or more packages.

Newmarsh 12image1 (1).jpeg
Build times are an estimate based on feedback and relate to the hull build up to preparation to paint stage.
Delivery is Included for UK Mainland Only - Highlands & Islands and N.I. have a courier surcharge of £48 added.
Please contact us for these areas or if you need any further information.
Note: Prices differ on eBay as not the same quality plywood and not CNC cut
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